Don’t tell me what to do (Unless I’m naked….)

Oh my God its been a whole month....I think I once mentioned that blogging for me is not like riding a bike. It gets harder the longer I wait and then it becomes this looming task like calling a relative you've been avoiding. Then suddenly you find out they died. NOW look what you've done! …

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I Passed!!!!

Oh thank heaven. Thank God. All gods big and small, those that are capitalized and those that could give a crap. I will spend the next two weeks kissing everyone of their divine asses until my lips are chapped and my last shred of dignity has been completely dissolved into a puddle of sugary grateful …

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If I were a Disney Villianess

I seriously grew up Disney. I remember the 90s when Jeffrey Katzenberg cleverly butchered The Little Mermaid (my favorite fairy tale of all time) and saved Disney's bacon by regenerating old stereotypes and planted the seed for a new wave of Disney marketing madness. That is a different beast. When I was little, Disney was …

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