Pocket Rocker

I am a really slow learner when it comes to men.I have been off the market for a long time and they are NOT like riding a bike.Especially in their 50s. And yes I meant that EXACTLY how it sounded.That is unfortunately my age bracket.And as lovely as they can be to hang out with, they …

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The Captain Has Left the Building

So I was composing a post for my birthday (dark and inappropriate just like me....) when my brother called to tell me that our father had died. It was sudden. We didn't get a chance to say goodbye. We hadn't expected this but in hindsight we should have been more prepared.  But nobody ever is. …

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Junior’s Deli Part 2

Meanwhile the whole acting thing wasn't exactly going as planned. I had an agent and an acting coach. I had a set of head shots that made me look like Gidget. According to Lillian, my acting coach, my appeal was that I looked so young that I could be hired without the legal headaches associated with hiring minors. Unfortunately, …

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