This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you…

Ok. I Haven’t posted anything since last November. There are half a dozen drafts on my dashboard and at least a dozen more that didn’t even make it that far.  I have a slew of excuses, the best one being of course is how the hell do you follow up an obit to the great love of your life with shit like whining about school, weight, roommates, and the crack cocaine they put in Cheetohs?

Cheetoh lust………

So this is going to hurt a little.

Its going to be like pulling off a scab.

And I’m going to be like some cranky old man who just got a knee replacement and is going to the gym.

He’s looking at all the hot young trainers flexing their butt muscles while he tries to bend his knee and wanting to shove his cane up their collective tight asses.

My gift for looking at the bright side is uncanny no?

But here I go. I’m trying.

This is me trying to be positive…….

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