I Passed!!!!

Oh thank heaven. Thank God. All gods big and small, those that are capitalized and those that could give a crap. I will spend the next two weeks kissing everyone of their divine asses until my lips are chapped and my last shred of dignity has been completely dissolved into a puddle of sugary grateful goo.

This is EXACTLY what my happy dance looks like…..

This summer I took digital photography and an algebra class online. Its 10th grade algebra. How hard can it be right?


It wasn’t that hard, but sitting in my room and watching hours of instruction on You Tube was a sentence in hell. I know everyone says they have ADD nowadays.

Its a thing.

But some of us really do. I have the attention span of a house fly. Remember the dogs in UP? This is a favorite joke among my friends.

Don’t laugh man. Its deep and its real. So the idea of me sitting in my pajamas with the internet at my fingertips watching a couple of math teachers explain The Property of Inequality  (see its been a week and its already slid out of my brain) for two and three hour stretches is preposterous.

The temptation to draw, play video games or defile myself is just too great.

But I made it! I did it! I passed!

And I swear to God I will NEVER try and take math online again. Having said that I want to find at least one of the three teachers who starred in that horrible boring green screen hell and seriously beat the crap out of her.

SLOW DOWN SISTER! Jeesus H! You went from the formula for for the perimeter of a square to M+pi=WTF in 2.2 seconds!

And the word measure is NOT pronounced with a long A.

I am nitpicking perhaps.
Something good. I got an A in photography. And I wasn’t even sure I would enjoy the class. I was pretty neutral about the whole thing. Well I ended up digging it a whole lot! Its (almost) instant gratification art.

Perfect for someone with my attention span. And now we have come full circle.

So without  further ado, ladies and gentlemen, my digital photography final featuring my creepy ass clown doll on a bender at THE LODGE.

A Night on the Town.

Its never a good sign when you START OUT sitting on the bar with a shot…..
Awe yeah baby…Show me the money.
If you have enough cash you can always find a friend, right?
At least he didn’t drive…..
Dude this is gonna hurt like hell in the a.m.
Especially when you pass out in the gutter.
Aaaaand scene…

6 thoughts on “I Passed!!!!

  1. Well done. Numbers are really not my thing so respect! As for the photography, I love taking photos (goodness knows there are enough of them on my blog) but I don’t know the first thing about photography. Maybe I should take a class. I hope the clown’s hangover wasn’t too bad 🙂

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