Falling Down the Rabbit Hole.

So I kinda fell down the rabbit hole this week, and some joker greased the sides so I’ve been stuck down here for a bit.


Seriously I just got outa there! You know when you make big changes there is this period of euphoria where you believe you’ve fixed it all and you’ve won the game.  Its going to be like the ending of every Disney movie I watched as a kid. Its always fun to blame shit on Disney, right? Where is my Prince damnit?! Why don’t I have a 3 inch waist? Why is it that as soon as my children finish puberty I become an evil conniving witch?

Stand down bitches! If you survive we are your future….

Ok that part is true.

But the rest is of course nonsense and that period of euphoria is always followed by the deflating and depressing realization that you have brought all your bullshit with you and the real work is still ahead. And I’m doing it. I am slow as hell but I’m doing it.

Even sitting in a pile of crap in a cloud of flies Mike Rowe is still cute am I right?

So in conclusion to this short post which says nothing really but “Yeah I’m still here…”, sometimes nothing is funny. Sometimes what sounds funny in your head is really just clever. They are not the same thing. I wrote two posts that were exceedingly clever, but my head was so clouded in barely justified self pity that I could not find the sweet spot.

Not even in the steam room.

And yes I’m still there EVERY day.

So I’m climbing out. I think I’ve found a job and a little hope. And  if I cannot achieve world domination today, I will at least be useful and happy.

When you’re happy mean miserable people find you REALLY irritating. heh heh……


6 thoughts on “Falling Down the Rabbit Hole.

  1. Actually, your tag line has become my anthem. “Make mean people as uncomfortable, edgy, and miserable as they make everyone else.” Yes, my life has devolved into a game of chicken with bad people where my great pleasure lies in inflicting pain upon those who inflict pain upon others. I may need something a bit more enlightened to shoot for. On the other hand (and knowing I’ve read this post months late), glad you’re finding your sweet spot. It’s encouraging to a cold-hearted ba**ard like me.

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