5 Things I Would Like to See Before I Wizen and Die.

1 Notre Dam:


Because creepy statuary that does double duty warding off evil spirits and acting as drainage is fascinating.

2 The Catacombs:


Because the bones of six million people covered in lime and artfully arranged by twisted clergymen has infinite possibilites.

(Not to mention its pretty awesome)

3 The Wiki Wachee Mermaids:


Because MERMAIDS!!!! YAY!!!! MERMAIDS!!!!!

(Mermaids are also awesome)

4 White Shark Breaching:


Because watching my greatest childhood nightmare (pre-Jaws mind you) come flying out of the ocean with a Wiki Wachee mermaid in its gaping maw would be like taking my greatest fear and wrapping it all up like a big pink present. Oh calm down! Like its gonna happen…..

5 Christopher Plummer Naked:

"Fraulein  come up to my rooms this instant!"
“Fraulein come up to my rooms this instant!”

Because lets be honest ladies. Is there REALLY any other reason to watch The Sound of Music for the 87th time? Quiet Bobby. I don’t care if he IS 135 years old. I’d still hit it…..


8 thoughts on “5 Things I Would Like to See Before I Wizen and Die.

  1. See, the whole ‘I need to see six million dead people and a white shark breaching with a mermaid clenched in its serrated jaws’ is what makes me nervous. After years of careful observation, I know it’s not really pathological. On the other hand, you just never know…

    By the way, I helped CP do research for his Oscar-winning performance in Beginners (along with the junior version of Obi-wan Kenobi who played the doctor). He looked good for a man in his eighties. No-good SOB never even mentioned me in his acceptance speech…

  2. mariekeates

    Notre Dam, done, catacombs (Paris) need to do badly, not sure about the mermaids, shark, hmm, rather a whale, been whale watching three times and all I ever saw were dolphins, I’m not sure whales even exist, Christopher Plummer, NO! Now if you were to substitute Johnny Depp, preferably covered in chocolate….

      1. Dave

        Ok so I finished catching up and reading all of your past “stories”. It’s kind of like finishing a book that is part of a series and now I have to wait for the next book. Haha! Good stuff Sandy! 🙂

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