Well I asked the Universe for blood and guts and I got it. My “situation” changed over night. I have gone from a life of complacence and leisure to where the frick are we going to live come March 1st? My son is about to have his 22nd birthday, and he is going to have to find a place to live. This is not how I envisioned an empty nest.  This is not how I envisioned anything.  So after receiving this information I hit my head on the wall and got my period.  I’m not sure those two things are related, but I have decided for the purpose of this post that there is a  correlation. I cannot concentrate on school work.

head injury
She looks like she’s in a happy place doesn’t she?

There was a wooden spoon on the floor and I slipped on it and hit my head on the one goddamn wall in this place that isn’t made of cardboard. It was 6am and I couldn’t really tell if the dizziness was from the two bottles of wine I consumed the night before or if I had a mild concussion.  I am assuming it was a little of both. Seriously. My hair is full of blood. I called a friend and told them that if I did not turn up in 24 hrs someone should check on me.

  I will not miss this apartment. I just keep looking around and thinking what am I going to do with all this crap?  So I’m drinking again….. I have called or facebooked every friend I have and blubbered myself into full blown “hagdom” and I still had two quizzes to take and Java home work to finish.  I couldn’t even go to the gym. I laid on the couch and watched the entirety of Downton Abbey all fucking day. My son came home and asked me why every time I’m feeling blue I am watching some goddamn depressing Jane Austen mellow drama or some 16th century fiefdom nightmare?

“Really mom, why not “Finding Nemo or something? “

They don’t call them “Period Pieces” for nothing honey….I love you. By the way. You found a place to live yet? Happy Birthday!!!!



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